Issues with Eating Support Group

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After 5 years, the group is closing up!!
Thank you to all who were so very loyal and supportive!!


Bellin Health Family Medical Center - Ashwaubenon Medical Center
1630 Commanche Ave
Green Bay WI 54313
East Entrance Lower Level Conference Room
DIRECTIONS: Enter the EAST Entrance and take the stairs to lower level; follow corridor to conference room on the left.

Issues with Eating Support Group

A peer support group for those who have personal experience with disordered eating

What is a Peer Support Group?
Having issues with disordered eating or in recovery from an eating disorder can leave us feeling very low and isolated. The group offers a place where people who are affected by this can gain support from knowing that others have had similar experiences.

Places like Bellin Psychiatric Center and NEDA (National Eating Disorder Association) recognize the value of peer support (people affected by eating disorders coming together to support each other, sharing their successes and failures, their confusions and understandings, and encouraging each other along their road to recovery). In a peer group the focus is on what you as individuals contribute, rather than on an individual leader. The group is facilitated by someone just like you who is affected by an eating disorder, they will be there to welcome you into the group, offer support and keep the group safely on track.

Who is the group for?
This group is open to adults in the community struggling with disordered eating or in recovery from an eating disorder. While this group's primary focus might be Binge Eating Disorder/Compulsive Overeating, anyone who has an eating disorder is welcome and encouraged to be a part of the group.

Do you have to attend every meeting?
No - you are free to attend the group as often as you would like, you will not be expected to make any commitment to attend regularly. Some people may choose attend monthly, and others will use it as a weekly form of support, it really is up to you.

What do you talk about?
The group is a place for individuals to bring whatever is important to them as they seek to recover from their eating disorder. We discuss many different topics; What's working and what's not - The ups and downs - Triumphs and disappointments - Etc. In general, people can share anything significant and personal to them that they feel they need to talk about.

Do you have to say something?
The group works on the basis that we all have very different experiences of eating disorders; we aim to share our experience and encourage understanding; however there is no pressure for anyone to talk or share if they do not want to.

How the group operates (ground rules).
Confidentiality - We need to feel safe so we ask that what's said in the group stays in the group.
Respect - We are all individuals and so we encourage respect for our differences. What works for you might not work for someone else.
Listening - We all have our own experiences and we all have something to say. The group gives you an opportunity to listen to others and be listened to.
Support and Encouragement - We all need this and can give it to one another. The group is not, however, the place to be giving others advice.
Pro-recovery - The group is recovery focused and understands that recovery can go up and down, backwards and forwards.
Privacy - The Support Group is facilitated to ensure that the group remains a safe place where these ground rules are maintained. Anonymity is valued and respected; your personal information will not be collected in any manner. While the group recognizes the value of friendship, the sharing of contact information between participants is not encouraged.

Please feel free to join us at any time or contact us using the link above.

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